Buffalo Piker
Creator Pyschopasta
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Perverted, driven
Fighting style Short to mid range
Abilities Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Durability
Superhuman Speed
Painis Charge
Arrow Spit
Acid Semen
Status Alive
Occupation Sexual predator

Buffalo Piker is a RED Sniper TF2 Freak created by Wiki User, Psychopasta.

His idle theme is Koopa's Theme and his attack theme is Boss Theme, both from Super Mario 64.

Appearance and Personality

Buffalo Piker (or just "Buffalo" for short, or they would just mistakenly call him "Sniper") is a RED Sniper with a Professiona's Panama, Falconer, Poacher's Safari Jacket, and some Archers Groundings.

Buffalo Piker harbors mannerisms similar to that of Dic Soupcan; his behavior changes significantly and unpredictably most of the time. He may sometimes appear calm, other times malevolent, and then suddenly violent. However he is known to be genuinely crazy, showing no higher brain functions, and is not sapient.

He will then attack the person, rape them, then kills them with his enlarged Painis just by charging at them and impaling them with it like a rhinoceros. When the victim is unable to get up, Buffalo Piker will proceed to rape the target, and the inside of the victim will burn by Buffalo's semen, showing that Buffalo's semen is made of sulfuric acid. After the victim's dead, Buffalo will then proceed to find other Mercs or Freaks around the map or just leave the area, carefree in the world.

Powers and Abilities

  • Painis Charge: Buffalo's primary and most recognizable attack which demonstrates his strength and agility, and is exceptionally deadly in close quarters. Buffalo will scream and enlarge his Painis while asking "Who wants some bloody horn?!" oddly enough, before making a quick and very deadly tackle, and then proceeds to impale his target on his Painis, sending the victim flying and either crashing on the wall or to the floor.
  • Arrow Spit: Buffalo can spit arrows from his mouth directly at the enemy. Similar to how Painis Cupcake spits shovels out of his mouth.
  • Self-ÜberCharge: If Buffalo is hurt or furious, he will activate his ÜberCharge mode and become a hulking mass of destruction; his already impressive strength is enhanced further and his endurance and stamina will become much greater.
  • Acid Semen: Buffalo's semen is made of sulfuric acid, causing the victim's insides to melt away as Buffalo rapes them.
  • superhuman speed:

Faults and Weaknesses

Just like Painis Cupcake, his major weakness is that, when not on-guard, his defense decreases significantly, to the point of being rather easily dismembered by strong Freaks like Ass Pancakes or being exploded into nothing with a powerful enough explosion. He has been also shown to experience major knockback, especially when he feels secure of himself when fighting an enemy.

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