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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Bostonian Teleporter undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.

Bostonian Teleporter, or B.T for short, is an ORG Scout TF2 Freak Concept created in collaboration between YouTube users EngieSpark and AGlassOfMilk

Bostonian Teleporter
Bostonian Teleporter
Creator AGlassOfMilk
Creation 1/17/17
Debut SomeCleanTrash meets a unexpected visitor
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Bizarre
Fighting style All Range
Abilities Teleportation
Teleporter Shift
Weaknesses Water
Status Alive

His theme song is Håkan Eriksson - Sunshine Strut 05


In his Teleporter Form, B.T. appears as a Scout head without the default hat and headphones on a ORG teleporter.

In his Humanoid Form, he appears as an ORG Scout who lacks the normal hat, dog tag, and headphones. He is also seen with two ornaments, one red, one blue, on his bag strap.

Personality & Behavior

When meeting with someone new, he will then greet them by saying his greeting catch phrase, revert to his humanoid state (if he is not in his teleporter form). Like American Dispenser and Scottish Sentry he is quite bizarre, but he is also quite optimistic and goofy.

Powers and Abilities

  • His Telefraging ability is when he teleports in front or back from a very close distance of an enemy and can instantly kill due to TF2 teleport logic. For example he can be seen telefraging a MeemSpy Shielding SomeCleanTrash from a behind Surprise attack.
  • His Limited Teleportation ability gives him the ability to teleport anywhere.
  • Lastly, he can revert to his teleporter form and can most likely hide his head in this form. He can also teleport other things and people if they are placed on on him, in this form.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Like American Dispenser and Scottish Sentry he is vulnerable to sappers and water in his regular teleporter form.
  • B.T. isn't that strong and can easily be damaged due to himself being as strong an ordinary ORG scout.


Bostonian Teleporter was inspired by EngieSpark's freaks, American Dispenser and Scottish Sentry.

Notable Videos

By the creators of the Freak:

SomeCleanTrash meets a unexpected visitor(Deleted)

Waails's Birthday! (Deleted)

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