Boston Bloodbasher
Boston Bloodbasher's Portrait
Creator St Scotty
Creation 30th December 2018
Debut New Era Emerges: Chapter 4 (teaser)
Type Mystic Vampire
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Psychotic, Cynical, Sadistic, Charismatic
Fighting style Mid-range to close range combat
Abilities Mystic Vampire Physiology

Guns expertise (mostly handgun and Tommy gun)

Magic-Bound Boston Basher

Weaknesses Heart Destruction

Blood limitation

Magic limitation

Curse Removal (at the cost of his own life)

Status Active (as vampire)

Deceased (as human)

Occupation Serial Killer (currently)

leader of Redcoat Gang (currently)

Red Thugs Pack capo (formerly)

Subordinates Redcoat Gang members
Enemies Saint (arch-nemesis)

Tisha & Saylor

Anyone get in his way

Red Chaser aka Boston Bloodbasher is the mystical vampire whom is the leader of Redcoat Gang and former capo of criminal syndicate, Red Thugs Pack own the brothel at Hoodoo. Red is also the murderer of Saint’s twin-sister, Aria and Tisha ’s pimp before arrange her forced marriage to Saint . Though he may be dead, no one know he’s actually alive. However, the rumor of his vampirism became the mystery among normal mercenaries and sometimes spread as urban legend. Only a few people know he’s real. He was created by YouTube user: St Scotty

His idle theme is Hellsing OST

His battle theme is Mercenary from Resident Evil 4


Before becoming the deadliest nemesis, Red Chaser was once a simple man wanted to live a simple life without sympathy. However things change when he got older as he was recruited to join for the RED team. There many of RED team members didn't like him due to his unstable behavior so the Mann kicked him out. But he ended up become criminal and recruited to crime syndicate known as Red Thugs Pack. He was given his first mission to go to reduce the number of BLU mercenaries by his client, RED spy. However, the plan was foiled when two BLU mercenaries able to stop the plan. With the client dead, Red managed to capture both of them and execute them in different way. Red showed no remorse as he shot a female scout, Aria and signal his henchwoman to hit BLU scout, Michael to the head through Home Run. A year later, Red rises his rank as a capo and in charge of brothel at Hoodoo. His rank ended up drive him insane as he constantly abuse and show violence to women. But few of the crew members including his loyalists began to respect him as the boss. However, his life gone from good to worst when he met a notorious pirate, Saint visit the Hoodoo for gamble. This led Red took some notice and challenge the pirate for the booze. Eventually the pirate won, led Red to arrange force marriage on his worker, Tisha to Saint. Afterwards, Saintville began attack Red's brothel the next day, killing most of his men. When Red discovers Saint was Michael all along and out to avenge his late-sister. Red able to take advantage of the situation by using Michael's legal wife, Saylor as hostage. Just as he mocks and threaten to kill her like he killed Aria. Saint enraged and activates the Eco-Yeti for the first time. With shocked, Red lets Saylor go off-guard, leaving Saint killed Red's loyalists and Red wide open. After he's dead, the Authority ended up placing him the hero on their book due to Saint's reputation as low-life pirate. Their action ended up take too many complaints from normal mercenaries and F2P mercenaries. However, Phantom Scout Reaper heard of their complaints and enter the graveyard where he was buried. Eventually, Phantom Scout Reaper meets Red in afterlife and put a curse on him to pay his sins. Before Phantom Scout Reaper leaves, he stated that the only punishment for him is to suffer his worst fate than death. Then he curses Red and turn him into vampire, ended up having resurrected and resurface to the world once more. Upset by the curse, Red ended up laughing manically, stating that he will embrace his worst fate just so he would kill Saint once more. Red goes out to morgue and turn his deceased loyalists into vampires. From then on, Red was no more and Boston Bloodbasher was born.

  • Red (before Boston) mercilessly killed Aria (before Class O) in front of Michael (before Saint)
  • Red was killed by Saint to avenge his sister, Aria's death
  • Red being resurrected after cursed by Phantom Scout Reaper


Red commonly wears dark red digit divulger, Brimmed Bootleger, Prohibition Opposition V2, Lapper’s Leather and Slacker. Due to becoming a vampire, Red has red eye and wears Boston Biteguard, which used to keep his bloodlust in check.

Personalities & Behaviors

Red is sadistic, cynical and charismatic villain whom make people love or fear him. As the notorious villain, the Authority took him in and created him as hero after Saint killed Red for his twin. Despite his death, Red becomes more aggressive and brutal after resurrected as vampire along with 4 other members. His exile from Red Thugs Pack also cause him becoming a psychopathic villain without any remorse especially when he continues to haunt Saint and mock his twin’s death. Despite his insanity, Red knew he had his limits such as unquenched bloodlust and doesn’t like his suit cover in blood (spy’s tendency). So he makes up for it by developing his own techniques as mystical vampire while wearing special bite guard to keep his bloodlust in check. However he’s only able to remove his restraints if he fought anyone who are more powerful than him.

Powers & Abilities

Red is mainly known to be mystical vampire as he contains powerful abilities. As unique as his teammate, Red can walk on daytime, immortal, blood consumption, supernatural condition and fight without fatigue. His other unique abilities are:

  • Blood Absorption – Due to his dislike on having blood on the suit, Red wears the special mouth piece to keep his unquenched bloodlust in check. However, Red had learn to absorb blood without simple bite to the neck but stab through the heart with his barehand.
  • Supernatural healing factor – Red’s healing factor is unlike any freaks he possess. With this ability, Red able to regrowth any parts of his body including his heart that once destroyed by Saint. Not to mention, Red's curse of immortality cause him able to survive against regular vampire's weakness such as decapitation, silver bullet or garlics.
  • Supernatural charisma – Even though he’s exile from Red Thugs Pack, Red continues to build his own vampire clan and revived 4 of his oldest members whom pledge their loyalty to follow him. He also enable to manipulate regular people through his ability.
  • Supernatural combat – Red is an expert hand-to-hand combat without properly trained under any martial arts form. Due to him being vampire, Red’s combat become exponentially strong the longer he fight.
  • Expert Marksmanship – Red had shown to be skilled with Tommy gun and handgun at pin point accuracy.
  • Expert Improvise weapons – Red’s weapon of choice is his custom magic-bound Boston Basher which primary used to deal his foe while draining their life-force.

However Red possess unique ability unlike the others. Being mystical vampire, Red is known to be magic user as well. Though he uses magic, Red is specialized in blood and fire magic known for flammable blood. This allowed him to manipulate fire through his blood. Even he’s hurt such as spitting blood to the floor, he can trap his foe with fire magic if they step on puddle of blood. Red other spells include:

  • Combustion Touch – ignite people on fire by simple touch on his foe’s bloodstream through stan wound from bare hand.
  • Magic Drainage – absorb life-force out of their body to weaken their magic ability through blood magic. His Boston Basher also linked to this magic as it's magic-bound weapon.
  • Blood Clone & Clone Combustion – The combination attack where he can clone another one through blood puddle and able to release the cloning by snap of his finger. However the clone explode instead of falling back to blood puddle, causing his foe engulfed on fire.
  • Blood Bind – Able to constrict his foe with grasps of his hand.
  • Disintegration – His dangerous technique is to disintegrate his foe through fire magic. However, this only work if Red successfully touch drains half of their life-force or drink his victim's blood.
  • Boston gears up with Tommy Gun and magic-bound Boston Basher
  • Boston about to suck RED spy through Blood Absorption
  • Boston and his Redcoat Gang members in action

Faults & Weakness

  • Blood limitation – Although Flammable Blood is his main ability but it cost his limits. This led Red require large amount of blood in order to keep his ability intact.
  • Magic limitation – Despite he’s a vampire, his magic still limited as it’s linked to blood limitation. As his Boston Basher bound from magic also link to his limit.
  • Uncontrollable Bloodlust – When Red realized his restraint, his bloodlust will increase dramatically whenever he absorbs his victim's blood. However, when his bloodlust became uncontrollable, he will eventually lose his restraint and stated eating human flesh. This led himself wide open for his surviving opponent's attack.
  • Heart destruction – Despite he’s immune to most vampire abilities, his heart still can be destroyed. Instead of wooden stake, his heart had to be taken out from the body or crush it from within. This may ended up killing him but will be resurrected if there’re sacrifice to be made through heart implant.
  • Curse Removal – Red's curse can be remove through spell but at the cost of his own life. Luckily removing the curse is not easy.
  • Although he can held his own against Saint, whom is also on par with Piss Cakehole, Boston doesn’t shown to be powerful. In addition, Boston is obviously not close to Painis Cupcake or Nightmare Medic level due to their years of experience while Boston just return from the dead.

Notable Videos

New Era Emerges

New Era Emerges: Chapter 4 (teaser)


  • Red's fashion design is reference to 1960s Mafia.
  • Boston Bloodbasher is named after Boston Basher. Red claims to be his style as former mafia, but his actual reason is due to his insanity and pure evil intended.
  • Boston's flammable blood is reference to Edisidi's Heat Mode. However, Boston's ability only work in close range while Edisidi doesn't.
  • Interestingly enough Red isn't completely insane as he actually not enjoy eating human flesh even after he suffers uncontrollable bloodlust.
  • Although he has his subordinates, Red able to work well on his own but only need his subordinate if he's either in danger or his weakness had applied to him.
  • Despite being a vampire, Red is more comfortable with weapons than magic, stated that he needs good range to keep his opponents at close or distance.
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