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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Boom Scout undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Boom Scout
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"Something i created out of randomness" - easysqweasy
Creator easysqweasy
Debut I don't know
Type Freak
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Calm
Fighting style Melee (sometimes ranged)
Abilities Instant Explosion (ent_create npc_handgrenade)

Killing Bottle

Minion Bottle


Invisibility (addcond 64)

Deflect anything.

Time stop.

Weaknesses Cats
Status Alive
Occupation Adventuring
Superiors easysqweasy
Allies Hornfel, Dr Klalve
Enemies Anyone opposing him
Ok, i seriously need to update this guy

Boom Scout was created by youtuber easysqweasy

Boom Scout's Battle song is Final of Puyo Puyo

Boom scout's song out of battle is Trinchetto - Overture To The Sun


His backstory is a quite tragic one, when he was young he was attacked by a group of cats, scaring him mentally. His life was normal after that, until a RED soldier angered merasmus, and cowared behind him (sorry for the spelling), causing merasmus to capture him and expose him to potions and unknown magic. A few years after this he was released to his team, slightly mutated, and scared by what evil merasmus had performed to him. He creates the fluid that are in his milk bottles, and can cast some magic, a side effect from the expirementation.


Boom Scout appears as a red scout with the Claws And Infect, a Skull island topper, and a Necro Smasher



Powers and Abilities

Boom Scout's first ability allows him to summon 4 grenades of his choosing where he looks at.

Boom Scout has 2 milk abilities, one that does quite serious damage, and one that makes anyone dead turn into one of his minions.

Boom Scout has 2 lives, and in his second form he gains a new ability.

Boom Scout's ability for his 2nd life... is a secret, and will be (hopefully) shown in his trailer video.

Boom Scout's navigation is summoning 4 sticky jumper grenades beneath him

One of Boom Scout's bottles stay visible when Boom Scout dies

Boom Scout is Able to break the 4th wall (and goes on TF2 Freakshow Concept Wikia (this one) and TF2 FreakShow Wiki to learn freak's powers, abilities, faults and weakness)

He now produces a red fog when near him


Deflect things by summoning a blue sphere around him which deflects anything.

Boom Scout can stop time and move objects to his liking.

Faults and Weakness

Boom Scout Is more likely to be injured in his second form, as he sacrifices defense for strength and power.

Before Boom Scout was a freak, he was attacked by a group of stray cats when he was young, and that mentally scared him, causing him to start to panic at the sight of a cat or anything extremely cat related.

Boom Scout's first ability does not instantly kill

Boom Scout's weakness is cats

Boom Scout cant drink his bottles


His original form had a gibus on his head, but then he was changed, His minions look like his old look

His trailer video will be multiple videos, some showing his abilities, and some

Hasn't been updated since some time

Are these even trivia things anymore?

Scoufel (Hornfel and Boom scout combined) is discontinued

since these are not trivia things anymore, im gonna say something, Boom Scout can make friends with non-freaks and freaks, ok? just, ask easysqweasy (or boom scout) if you or your freak wants to be friends, ok? once you're friends with boom scout you become one of his allies (EVEN YOU can be one of his allies)

He does have his own profile.

Boom scout may edit this. (he finally got a keyboard without constant capitals)

Boom Scout's weakness with cats was designed based on how the creator is allergic to cats


  • Boom Scout killing a heavy
  • Boom Scout's rage ability
  • Boom Scout giving a thumbs up on a train
  • Boom Scout's creator
  • Example of boom scout's fog
  • Scoufel's look *see trivia for more info*
  • Boom Scout's vision (yeah)
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