Bonk Cakepans
Bonk Cakepans1
Creator GregoryTheGibusD0ud
Creation 2019
Type Zombie
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Suffering
Fighting style Melee & long ranged
Abilities Hypersonic scream

Superhuman strength

Insane speed

Dark matter basher

Weaknesses Mediocre Toughness
Status Undead
Occupation Slave
Superiors Demo Samedi
Enemies Christian Brutal Sniper

Demo Samedi


— Bonk Cakepans trying to avoid possession

Bonk Cakepans (Or Jeremy) is a TF2 undead scout created by Youtube user GregoryTheGibusD0ud.

His theme song is Mercyful Fate - "Witches' dance"


Bonk Cakepans appears to be a scout under the effects of the Voodoo - Cursed scout soul. He wears a Mildy Disturbing Mask with a fire particle on it and wears the Delinquent's Downvest.


Once just a RED scout named "Jeremy" who was part of a unnamed RED Group who were known to fight and capture TF2 freaks. One time an infamous TF2 freak named "Christian Brutal Sniper" has successfully escaped from their base and also slaughtered almost all of the RED team members, including Jeremy.

Sooner later another TF2 freak has came interrupting CBS and he tried to kill him. Which led him to many injuries. Somehow CBS escaped from the battle. This who injured CBS was surprisingly "Demo Samedi" who was watching CBS the whole time escaping. Later on after the battle Demo Samedi saw Jeremy lying in the ground injured. He brang him into an unknown place and tortured him into an undead being.

Jeremy was somehow resurrected, but he was enraged about what happened to him and tries to fight Demo Samedi, Rather less he killed Jeremy and teleported into another location. Jeremy was somehow resurrected again and now he is seeking for his revenge.

Behaviour and Personality

Bonk Cakepans was very greedy at the time when he wasn't tortured into an undead being because they get LOTS of money when they capture and fight the TF2 freaks. Now since he transformed into a monster that he is now. He is now suffering brain damage from almost being overly brainwashed by Demo Samedi and having a fracture into his head from CBS. Even though he has these injuries. Bonk Cakepans behaviour has seemingly changed since he learned that he was greedy that time and it was entirely his fault for becoming like this by joining the unnamed RED group. For now on he tries and learns on how to be gentle and calm before he could go berserk and kill anyone. nevertheless he is still hunting TF2 freaks.

Powers & abilities

For a very weak TF2 freak, strangely he has superhuman strength and having the ability of a hypersonic scream.

+ Insane speed, Jeremy can run faster than a cheetah and can chase his retreating victims to continue killing them.

+ Superhuman strength, As already mentioned. He can carry a truck and can punch through a wall like punching through paper. This kind of ability is strange for a man so weak.

+ Hypersonic scream, As already mentioned. He can have the ability to scream as loud as he can to deafen his victims. This kind of scream creates shockwaves which can make nearby electric objects explode.

After he was resurrected after being brutally killed by Demo Samedi, a strange Boston Basher like weapon was laying in the ground which was now called "The Dark Matter basher" nicknamed by Jeremy. Unlike other Clubs, This kind of weapon can easily destroy anything on sight and can easily break a diamond. Rather less it is somehow weak to humanoid figures but it will not be held by other people, those who tried to grab it if it's not the owner will have their hands burning rapidly.

Faults & Weaknesses

Even for having insane running speed, superhuman strength, and having the ability of a hypersonic scream. He has a very weak and brittle body which can easily be fractured by anything.

While having a Boston Basher like weapon, he doesn't know how to handle it and can sometimes hit himself which can lead him to failing his attacks and making it easy for other TF2 freaks to kill him.


Bonk Cakepans is inspired by Painwheel from skullgirls along with a familiar story but different appearance.

Before he was named "Vista", but later on he is now named "Jeremy". Reason because "Vista" Pretty sounds like a stupid name.

Unlike the Undead Stoner Scouts, Bonk Cakepans doesn't seem to be summoned but still can be teleported by Demo Samedi.

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