Bonk Bricks
Creator Pow
Creation 12/11/2015
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Addicted to Bonk!
Fighting style Close-ranged
Abilities Bonk-related weapons

Consumption of Bonk!

Weaknesses BLU Bonk!
Status Alive
Occupation Bonk! addict

Bonk Bricks is a Bonk!-addicted Scout Freak made by Pow.


Bonk Bricks is a RED Scout wearing the Bonk Helm, the Bonk Boy, the Bonk Boots, a Bonk Bag and an Australium Gold-painted Digit Divulger. A level 1 Hypno-Beam killstreak effect is present on his eyes, which alternates between red and yellow.

Personality and Behaviour

Bonk Bricks is a Bonk! addict to the core. He will stop at nothing to get any if he sees some, and he constantly talks about it.

He also is extremely chatty and will talk almost non-stop, often about Bonk.

Powers and Abilities

He may normally appear weak, and when he does he generally is. However, he has an arsenal of Bonk!-related weaponry (aka the entire #1 Fan set) and usually carries around an Atomizer. His weapons are not at all augmented, so he is rather weak...

...that is, until he gets his hands on Bonk. Depending on the type, he gains various different effects for about 30 seconds:

RED Bonk!

Whilst under the effects of normal RED Bonk!, he gains a considerable speed and agility boost, causing his body and active weapon to glow yellow. His KS effect is upgraded to level 2, and red and yellow crit sparks appear on his person. During the effects, he can run at a speed comparable to a car and can easily dodge bullets. He gains a small damage and durability buff too.


Whilst under the effects of Crit-a-Cola, he gains a massive damage and durability boost. He and his Atomizer gains a RED Ubercharge and purple crit sparks. His killstreak effect is swapped for a level 2 Cerberal Discharge and the arm holding his Atomizer is inflated somewhat. During the effects, he can survive a tank shell head-on and deal massive damage with a swing of his Atomizer. However, he cannot use his ranged weapons while under the effects.

  • Switching weapons.
  • RED Bonk!
  • Crit-a-Cola.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite being able to stomach all other types of Bonk!, BLU Bonk is too much for his body to handle and may give him a heart attack, likely killing him unless medical assistance is provided.

Whilst the effects of Bonk! on him make him rather powerful, they can expire mid-battle if the opponent can hold him back. When the effects expire, he is exhausted and even if he drinks more Bonk!, the effects won't come back for a considerable amount of time, about 30 minutes.


  • Bonk Bricks is somewhat, but unintentionally, similar to Drunk Monk, another Freak who relies on liquid consumption to activate his powers.
  • Bonk Bricks is ambidextrous, but prefers to use his left hand.
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