Bone Baguette
Arena lumberyard0000
Creator Youhadabadday
Creation 8/12/2017
Debut [GMOD] Bone Baguette Grants a Wish
Type Undead
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Friendly, Aggresive
Fighting style Glass Cannon
Abilities Teleportation, Minion Summoning, Etc
Weaknesses Bodily Fluids, Lack of Knowledge, etc
Status Alive
Subordinates Bread Minions

Bone Baguette is a BLU Spy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Youhadabadday.

His Passive Theme is Pig's Theme - Angry Birds Epic OST and his Rage theme is Dummy! - Undertale OST


Bone Baguette takes on the form of a BLU Spy with a Voodoo Cursed Soul and The Second Community.


It is not yet revealed where Bone Baguette originally came from, but he has been around long enough to know about the regular mercs. His first encounter with another Freak was when he encountered Painis Cupcake. Not knowing what he is capable of and his traits, he summoned in a minion that Painis Cupcake promptly devoured, thus accidentally temporarily killing Painis off.

Later, he encounters his polar opposite, Urine Urchin, in which they engage in a battle. However, SomeCleanTrash comes and "cleans" them both, ending the fight.

Personality and Behaviour

Bone Baguette is always willing to help others by granting them their wishes, but gets mad when people aren't happy with what they got, triggering his Rage Mode.

He can be cruel at times, but this is only in very specific circumstances.

Powers and Abilities

Bone Baguette has the ability to grant any wish. However, said wishes are always manipulated to involve bread in one way or another.

He can also summon in minions to help him fight, or his signature weapon, the Batuette, at anytime.

If he gets angered by people disproving his wishes or physically harming him, Bone Baguette will enter a rage mode, where his speed and attack are significantly increased. The effect also spreads to anything he summons.

Faults and Weaknesses

When Bone Baguette is doused in any sort of bodily fluid, he is weakened by a significant amount. If soaked enough, his fighting capabilities can disappear altogether.

He also doesn't fight as well if he isn't familiar with his opponents.

As his rage mode spreads his enhanced powers to anything he summons, Bone Baguette can be easily countered if anything he summons is used as a weapon against him.

Bone Baguette in terms of durability, is as just as weak as a normal BLU Spy.


Bone Baguette Grants a Wish

Bone Baguette Meets Painis Cupcake

Bone Baguette Meets Adri and Memeji

SomeCleanTrash Cleans Two Rival Freaks

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