Bomb Bugle
Creator McBuster
Creation March 23,2017
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Erratic
Fighting style Short ranged
Abilities Powerful Kicks/Punches
Explosive Spit
Super jump
Explosive immunity
Weaknesses Slow reaction time
His own mind
Status Alive
Occupation Anti-Villain
Superiors RED Heavy
Allies Snipro
Crystal Engineer
Dance Gentlemann
Enemies Texas Bacon (friendly Rival)
Fly Scout

Bomb Bugle is a Bizarre BLK Soldier TF2 Freak made by McBuster

His idle theme is Clinker's Cavern - Banjo-Tooie

And when he used the bugle theme: Old King Coal - Banjo-Tooie


He appears as a BLK Soldier wearing the Bomber Knight & Coldfront Curbstompers without the grenades on his bandolier and a crazy-like smile on his face

Personality and Behaviour

Bomb Bugle has a highly erratic mind and bizarre nature. He likes to roam around the freak world walking with sudden, contortionist moves and interact with other freaks and normal mercenaries

He has tendency to utter loud, unintelligible sounds and violently jerks his head whilst doing so. Most of his victories are often celebrated with a fast, disjointed laugh before exploding his victim with a barrage of unnecessary amount of explosive armaments

He's also very protective to a RED Heavy wearing Tough Guy’s Toque and will protect him even if it cost his own life.

Powers and Abilities

He been enhanced to have superhuman agility to use super/double jump or run around his opponents

Üder Bugle: This bugle is Bomb Bugle's only why to make his long range attacks if his enemies are to far away he’ll use it by blowing into the bugle and launching his Explosive spit at them.

Explosive spit: Bomb Bugle's body functions are made to make him spit out numerous explosives like pipe bombs, stikie bombs and rare occasions a rocket on to his hand and then throws it like a grenade

Any type explosives can't harm him and he'll feel unfazed then he'll laugh after the explosions ends

With his own training he made his feet and fists very deadly with powerful kicks and punches that will sometimes cause mini explosions

Faults and Weakness

Due to his bizarre movement and erratic mind Bomb Bugle tends to reacts slowly and his Simi-animalistic nature he'll forget to move out of the way from explosives that can still stun him for a brief moment

His biggest weakness is his intelligence becauses he's not particularly smart and he may challenge TF2 Monsters/Freaks more powerful then him

His explosive attacks can't harm freaks with explosive immunity.

His own bizarre mind makes him throw away his bugle in a fit of rage and then he can't have his long range attacks without it makes him vulnerable later with snipers or any form of range attacks.

In addition Bomb Bugle can be outsmarted by clever opponents, Finally he lacks any meaning of real long range combat choices


Despite being idiot he somehow created Snipro with help of a Tough Guy’s Toque wearing RED Heavy

Bomb Bugle's name was changed 5 times before making a name suitable for the theme

His New and Current look was Made by GmodViolet

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