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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Bob-mer undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Creator MrShyGuy999
Creation 12/7/15
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Friendly (when out of combat and not on a mission)
Bloodthirsty/Mercyless (when in combat/on a mission)
Fighting style Various
Abilities Special Stickys
Weaknesses Weak (in durability)
Slow stickybomb shooting.
Status Active
Occupation Mercenary
Superiors Employers

Bob-Mer is a BLU Shirtless Demoman made by YouTube user MrShyGuy999.

Appearence and Personality

Bob-Mer wears a Grenadier Helm, Dangeresque Too?, a Glasgow Great Helm, the Double Dynamite, the Cool Breeze, and the Gaelic Golf Bag.

Bob-Mer loves to make explosions and cause chaos, but will still stop to take a drink and relax. While in battle though, he shows no mercy. Even though he seems dangerous, he's a friendly individual when not in battle or when he doesnt have a mission. When not on a mission, he's usually playing golf, which is his favorite sport.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bob-Mer has a special australium-festive-sticky bomb launcher that rapidly fires different types of stickybombs. He can choose what sticky bomb to use, the following sticky bombs are:
    • Fire Bombs - and with upon detonation, will cause entities in the explosion radius to get caught on fire.
    • Ice bombs - which freeze entities in the explosion radius.
    • Normal Bombs - which are normal and detonate all at once.
    • Scottish Resistence Bombs - Like in game, certain ones can be detonated.
    • Slime Bombs - Entities become covered in slime, making them slow down or get stuck in the slime.
  • Bob-Mer, for melee, uses a Nessie's Nine Iron.
  • Bob-Mer, for medium range, uses a festive shotgun.
  • If Bob-Mer is cornered, outnumbered, or weakened when against a tough freak, he can summon a MVM bomb and a charge'n'targe and a remote to detonate the bomb, and will then charge towards the enemie, and when he hits the target or gets in the group, he will then detonate the bomb, causing everyone in the room to explode. The radius of the explosion is as big as the tr_target map, meaning enemies that arent quick enough or cant teleport arent able to get out in time.
  • Bob-Mer has no demoman armor, so hes as fast as a eyelander with 2 heads.


  • Bob-Mer's stickybomb launcher shoots out its bomb's slower then any of the stickybomb launchers.
  • Bob-Mer, if disarmed of his golf club and shotgun, has no real way to fight, except using his stickybomb launcher.
  • If Bob-Mer's enemie teleports out of the room/area, or is fast enough to get out of when hes about to detonate, then they can easily cause him to only kill himself.
  • Because Bob-Mer doesnt have any armor, he is weak in durability.


  • Bob-Mer's name is a pun on "Bomber".
    • But, the name might not stick.
  • His appearence is based on vikings, but with a Bombs and Explosives as a theme.
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