Bloody Piss
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Creator Shadow Mario
Creation 20/03/2018
Debut fillervideo_1.mp4
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Carefree
Short tempered
Serious (combat)
Fighting style Medium range(Stolen Shotgun and Bloody Urine jar)
Melee(Tribalman's Shiv)
Abilities Superhuman Durability
Infinite Jars
Ground Sliding
Weaknesses Easy headshot target
Getting pissed will stop his superhuman abilities for a short period
Equilibration problems
Status Alive
Occupation Throwing Bloody Urine jars and Greeting people

Bloody Piss is a concept freak created by Shadow Mario


Bloody Piss appears as a BLU Sniper with a deformed face, without a hat and with a huge head, he usually hides himself in a Bloody Urine jar, when he sees a person, he always come out to greet him.

Personality and Behaviour

Bloody Piss loves to Greet people, and usually he also throw a jar on them

If the person don't responds for his greetings or tries to harm him, he will try to stab this person with his Tribalman's Shiv

Powers and Abilities

Being a Sniper, Bloody Piss is highly trained for combat, even if he doesn't like to do it

The Jarate on his body acts like a Armor layer on his body, enough to stop bullets and resist to many consecutive explosions

He have an infinite stock of Bloody Urine jars that he throws on his enemies and friends

Instead of walking he simply slides in the ground on a pose similar to Crouching while saying "G'day!"

Faults and Weakness

His big head is an issue against snipers, making him an easy headshot target

He have some equilibration problems, due to his head being too heavy to his body support

His Goofy nature may make it hard to him notice if someone is planning to attack him and solve common issues

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