• GregoryTheGibusD0ud


    July 29, 2020 by GregoryTheGibusD0ud

    How did Orangemann died? Didn't see one video of him dying.

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  • GregoryTheGibusD0ud

    We finally hit 669 pages!

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  • VictorLinear

    Why am i uploading shit to here again. I mean its stuff that already existed.

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  • GregoryTheGibusD0ud

    I think most of the TF2 freakshow concepts are kinda edgy along with the "..." quotes and the almost hard to sentence mix quotes (?). Tbh i wish if i kinda want to see some TF2 freak concepts that are inspired from the iconic freaks such as "Painis Cupcake", "Piss Cakehole", etc. Im not trying to say some sort of "Demand", but i kinda wish people doing the correct concepts on making an actual TF2 freak. Sorry.

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  • VictorLinear
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  • Sniperfancy

    darkness m4 sopmod

    September 6, 2019 by Sniperfancy

    create in laboratorium with use DNA:hovvydundy,piss cakehole,merasmus,painis cupcake and weaselcake darkness m4 sopmod can't be defeated just like that with the special ability from DNA merasmus it'a calling order monster from hell and seal the soul that victim and DNA from hovvydundy that is, it can teleport much more quickly and can use its muscular strength to destroy or separate the organs of its victims and DNA piss cakehole i.e. can make the victim not move because his arrival is not punished and also has a keen sense of hiding targets and DNA painis cupcake can regenerate when it gets big damage and can come back to life and DNA weaselcake it's a can use his strength to build energy shields and can lift any object by using special t…

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  • St Scotty

    Hey guy, just want to let you know that i'm officially on hiatus because I am going to move away to Canada. I mean it was wonderful experience taking part of this community throught out my creations and storylines perspective. I know I'm still going to continue making videos after settling in Canada. Right now, I was hoping to see if anyone else interested in taking part of my new Freaks stories. But at the same time trying to figure it out what's next of my plan afterwards. I am also plan to negotiate Sherman to see if there's a chance I could extend Cyborneer's storyline in New Era Emerges since he's in charge of developing TF2 Freaks universe at the same time I could try at least helping him out for the videos he's created. Anyways, tha…

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  • PrinceZablootJr


    March 12, 2019 by PrinceZablootJr

    So, I believe that to get freaks out there, they need their own little "series" So I was wondering if anyone wanted to collaborate! I currently have about ~3-4 Series Ideas.

    • Bongo Master in Freak Fortress (Not Started)
    • The Hero Scout Chronicles (Episode 1 In Making)
    • ???-???-???? (Character Trailer Reveal)
    • Small Side Plots (Currently Making FreakHater VS Hero Scout VS Bongo Master

    If anyone would like to assist! Just message me! 

    My Youtube is:


    My Steam is:


    I hope to Have fun with whoever wants to join!

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  • PlaerCANADA

    A late introduction.

    October 24, 2018 by PlaerCANADA

    Hey, I'm Jimbo. I've been extremely invested in TF2 freaks for years now, and through all that time I've always wanted to make my own, and this place has made that something I can actually kinda do. (That is, provided the freaks I make are good, which I'm not so sure about, myself.) I have full intentions of animating my freaks with the use of Source filmmaker, and honestly I'm just overall happy to have found this wikia. Anyway, this is just meant as a quick (albeit late) hello.

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  • TeslaTank

    My GMod problems

    October 24, 2018 by TeslaTank

    Dear Gmodders, you all already know I have GMod, but the thing is, I have one problem that is much more worse than map error, a bug called "updates". I've already downloaded my GMod a long time, then came the word "INSTALL" instead of "PLAY" when I want to open Steam for GMod. I'm really pissed off about updates. TF2 Updates nevermind because I dont play TF2 Anymore.

    • "error" addons
    • some missing addons
    • missing map and model textures

    Updates for GMod said that GMod wil have an improve something, but it turns out that once I've finished GMod updates, everything is going wrong like some missing addons(because my addons supposed to be like more than 1000, but instead it shows less than 600 addons. I've lost 400 addons), map textures and model textu…

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  • 1.comanderjonas

    Hey everyone, I have an idea for a new category for this wiki.

    It is a category for freaks that already have a YouTube video. The idea is that these freaks have made their YouTube debut. This will also get them a chance to be discovered on YouTube more easily.

    I have an idea that the requirements for being in this category is simply that the freak has either two movies it is in, or it has one movie that is 6+ minutes long where the freak makes more than just a tiny 1-20 second cameo. This is to avoid flodding this category with cameo freaks.

    So... Does anyone like this idea?

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  • St Scotty

    Hey guy, I ussually don't show off some cool stuff but under TF2 Freakshow. I might not mind share to do so. As you can see I just got one of my Freaks on video ever since. And I need sorta like start to do Freak Fight against others after creating several Freaks.

    former BLU scout, Saint (Leader of Saintville) - already done: 

    Two Femscouts as Tisha & Saylor (Saint's Wives) - currently working on their seperate origins before becoming dynamic duo.

    retired RED & BLU human sniper, Con (Sain't top bodyguard) - still working on powers & ability

    RED & BLU engineer with green Grease Monkey appearance, Major (Saint's second in command) - might posted on this website soon.

    The most powerful BLU medic wi…

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    my freaks

    July 6, 2017 by XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    these are my concept freaks, i will add blogs for my freaks soon (maybe?)


    • Espeon-Engineer
    • Soupcan Gang
    • Pancakes Ass
    • Latiasoldier
    • EngiPRO


    • The Flying Scout
    • Repins
    • PiePork CockSoup


    • Cupcake Soldier


    • Dispenser Scouts
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  • Kyuubiman3

    This is a upcoming comic/video for some of my and McBuster's freaks And if anyone wants to have their freaks in this comic just ask me. And there's going to be 12 episodes/comics of this.

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  • ScoutCommandoProx

    From now on, I will use this page as a community input page where you guys can give me your suggestions as well as listing what I'm working on at the moment. Leave a vote of which class you guys want to see next!

    Welcome to Spectre Squadron:

    Scout (Commando): Already done

    FemScout (Echo): Already done

    Soldier (Patriot): Currently Working On

    Pyro (Riot): Already done

    Demoman (Belter): Concepts created by' Icy Guy2, Currently Working On

    Heavy (Tsar, created by a friend of mine on Steam for Spectre Squadron): May be available for article soon

    Engineer (Houston): Already done

    Medic (Doc Holiday): Available For Article

    Sniper (Ghillie): Already done

    Spy (Chef): Almost ready for article

    The vote is yours!

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  • Ultraworldwarrior

    I have a few notes and questions about Green Scream, feel free to answer them if you can:

    1. Green Scream is heavily based on a similar (almost identical) character shown at the end of this videoby Eltorro64Rus. Thus, it is only natural to ask: Since this idea was made by another person, but the idea has never been noted by the creator or been used beyond simply brief comedy for the one video, should the Freak be labeled as my own or as Eltorro64Rus'?
    2. Regarding abilities, I believe that some of them, particularly "Great Strength" and "High Durability" are cliche, and wonder if there are ways to make these abilities more interesting.
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  • Kyuubiman3

    Story group idea

    January 12, 2017 by Kyuubiman3

    I had idea about some of the freaks in this wiki but I need permissions to use them in the story I had for called "Mutant Army Saga" it's placed at Mannhatten and other MvM maps trying to fight back against a mutant army the mutants are Half-Life 2 Combines and TF2 mercenaries spreading their contagious plague to kill everyone fighting back and so far only H3RL-E is trying to stop this Army called the Mutant Cabals. If you want your freaks in the story just ask me and we could talk about it

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  • Sire Train

    Its really nasty

    January 12, 2017 by Sire Train

    Im leaving

    I dont know how to api

    Apologize okay? Its hard for me to

    Because i always feel afraid

    .....I...i just wanted to have really sorry. I suck at making jokes but ive been trying because people think it was weird when i didnt, but yeah my joe,s are bad. My humor is low. Its hard to apologize im stressed about my life. Im worried about wll of the sfms i have in. My folder i need to finish. It fells like everyones life is better. I have no girlfriend, boyfriend. What ever, im lonely. I only have 3 friends currently 10. But theyre gone. Ive lost so much dude. I just dont know what to do/handle this kind of stuff and instead i blame. then everyone gets pissed. Yells at me. Unfriends. Blocks. Bans. Leaves me forever. Im afraid …

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  • Courtyard

    These are a list of things I would like to add or like to do for the wiki.

    - Edit the Mobile Page (Example)
    - Add some extensions that would beneficial to the community and admins/moderators such as mass deletion. (Example)

    More maybe added.

    Also 3000th edit. W00T!

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  • Sire Train

    Blog Post 1/817

    January 9, 2017 by Sire Train
    • Removal of Raki Kane, Teingu and Billys group of Engineers

    I honestly dont know why i choose Teingu. he is broken as hell, next Raki who is now dead. BGE also got cut because i mnot doign the void

    • Adding of Burgedy (Medic)

    Ability: Still adding

    Appears in: Mimic Events as a frenemy

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  • Saris Khan

    Important announcement

    December 24, 2016 by Saris Khan


    I'd like to address two important issues in this blog. The more active users participate, the better.

    I'm afraid that several users prefer quantity over quality, and produce more and more underdeveloped Freak concepts they quickly abandon for the even newer ones. The result is plenty of semi-stub articles and Freaks who don't seem like they will ever appear in a video. This wiki was conceived as the better alternative to the old one. I want it to stay that way, and I've got an idea how to fix this:

    • I've noticed some users don't tag their concepts with "Monster/Freak made by X" categories. That ought to be fixed first.
    • Each and every user, including moderators and admins, is hereby limited to 10 Freak concepts at a single time. This is st…

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  • Mimicry Legends

    Hey look, more drama.

    December 24, 2016 by Mimicry Legends

    A recent comment by both Icy guy2 and EngieSpark has given me a feeling that we are no longer original, and I think we should reduce the time span of making articles, so we can think some more, this is just my opinion, and I personally think whatever happens, some of us are going to leave the Wikia, for good this time. Strangely, the less activity that goes around, the less dedicated I am to making more freaks. So yeah, this is my opinion, others can post their opinions as well.

    (Sorry for drama though, I'm just worried about the future of this wikia, and losing my friends as well).

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  • Courtyard

    Publicly announcing this piece of shit.

    So BurgerLord dared me to make a video. So I accepted. He made up some rules just a few hours ago:

    Alright then, Courtyard. If you're up for this then there's only three rules:

    1. Hitler has to appear once in the video. And no, not the actual Hitler, the even better Hitler (This one). Asking permission for Hitler is an automatic disqualification.

    2. Omegamario must say "Hitler" at least once. Whether hitler is on screen or not while he says it is your choice.

    3. You can't use SMH or HAT. No crutches or Cinder Block Chris will come after you for using crutches and throw you into the ground.

    If you win, you'll get MEDIC MAN, a really powerful character, uses the power of PLOT LINES to win.

    If I win, however, …

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  • Courtyard

    What Have I Been Doing?

    December 5, 2016 by Courtyard

    This is for those who are wondering why I've been inactive these previous weeks than before. . It has a Steam Workshop page along with a TF2Maps thread where you can download both the map file and my's map .nav which is used to play with bots. (It's currently small and has problems and the current version is Final1).

    Another map I was currently creating or working on this month was Jelena, another koth map. It is currently unfinished and I haven't touch it in days.

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  • Luffyvt

    Ok #1 Freak i just had i na dream for UU (Uber Upgrades) ff2 will be added i think

    The Lightingswarm

    A completly gold medic with a green static constanly coming off of him, fully grey eyes and no emotion what-so-ever

    Full control over green rockets that will obviously swarm

    Champion (So original, i know :3)

    Champion is a green championship colored soldier

    That owns every single 1st place medal there is.

    (Yes he won them all) and only opposes to use to equalizers

    Not a freak luffy.

    It actually is. It's concept wikia, I will improve him

    Replica (No page, never will have one :) )

    Replica would be a Teamless being but before i could make a page someone made a freak named "Mimic" that completly took Replicas place. I scrapped the idea yet he will still ha…

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  • Courtyard

    0.000001% of history in this single blog.

    • October 3, 2015 - During the early part of the last stage of the THG Conflict, SarisKhan create the TF2 FreakShow Concept Wikia. The first article created for the wiki is Eagle.
    • October 4, 2015 - Me and BurgerLord (old account) join the wiki.
    • October 7, 2015 - Icy guy2 joins the wiki and creates his profile. He then reviews Flexineer.
    • October 8, 2015 - Richard Springfield is created by user Icy guy2 and quickly becomes one of the most infamous freaks on the wiki.
      • - MrShyguy999, known for his collaborations with BurgerLord and Speay joins the wiki and creates his now-late The Zombie Squad.
      • - Powzorman creates the late Origineer which is panned by the admins and is later deleted by SarisKhan the next day.
    • October…

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  • Courtyard

    Well, I don't know! Okay, I'm just kidding, but if you want to know how to create a script for an episode, I'll show you the correct way! 

    First off, fuck you, you'll need to get inspiration, so here's a shitload of inspiration:

    • Psychology
      • Sigmund Freud
        • Libido (NSFW)
        • Oedipus complex (NSFW)
        • Death drive
      • Carl Jung
        • Synchronicity
      • Choice blindness


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  • Mimicry Legends

    Just to tell you admins, the 2016 Australian Election campaign is DAMN INSANE! Wanna hear?

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  • Mimicry Legends

    I just got here a few hours ago, and HOLY CRAP! there's a lot of people with 100 edits but for me... I just got started, so everyone here seems to be better here so if you could, any tips on how I can get started in this wiki and I also have a few questions for the experts here so:

    1. Is this wiki secluded?

    2. I'm a spelling mistakes guy, does that make me useful?

    3. MeeM?

    and 4. I know about how this "THG Guy" has been eradicating this wiki, so in your estimate, how many users were here before 'He' came.

    So this is all summed up, if you guys want me to leave, kinda sad but fine cause I've already left something behind a long time ago.... And if I am... ok then... so I'm sorry about me bring up the subject of 'THG' and this wiki is great, being…

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  • Courtyard

    Apparently after I was done writing the Spider-Mad article and published it on Universel Wikia, this happened.

    What's going on? Honestly it looks like the article name is causing it, as when I went on the computer and typed "Test" and published and leads to this.

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  • 1.comanderjonas

    Hey everyone CommanderJonas here and today I got something that I have needed to address for the past couple of weeks, regarding a certain member of the TF2 freakshow community. You all know him as ToxicHolyHandgrenade. I am writing this not as a rant, but as a clarification of my role regarding Toxic's presence in the freak community. First I want to say that through out this whole dilemma regarding him, I have been trying to remain neutral by neither being his friend nor his enemy. I have been trying to help not only him, but also people like sariskhan and kugawattan on this subject... Witch i obviously failed at since the current situation was not the outcome I originally intended on gaining. I would also let you all know that this is a d…

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  • Courtyard

    Finally My Rant

    March 4, 2016 by Courtyard

    As you know ToxicHolyGrenade has made a blog against three users: Friendly Neighborhood Evil Genius Spider-Mad, BurgerLord, and finally me. So now BurgerLord is basically Public Enemy Number 1 while Spider-Mad is Public Enemy Number 2 and I'm Public Enemy Number 3. The blog is titled "Perpetration" and talks about our evil deeds and our non-existent (well BurgerLord and Spider-Mad are) criminal acts.

    Andrew Matchett known on the internet as ToxicHolyGrenade (other nicknames include: THG, Traveling Hillbilly Gargoyle, TGH) is a notorious person known for his ongoing arguments with the admins and users of TF2 FreakShow Wiki. To name a few of them: ShermanZAtank (Formerly), Kugawattan (Formerly), Rivfuifv (Formerly), SarisKhan (Unknown as of now), B…

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  • MrShyguy999


    February 25, 2016 by MrShyguy999

    Just wanna make a quick announcement, but I think this video sums up what I wanna say.


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  • Friendly Neighborhood Evil Genius Spider-Mad

    Looks like THG is updating his latest lecture.

    He said that he wanted these users (Spider-Mad, BurgerBoi, and Courtyard) to be IP banned from Wikia permanently. Too bad, because I know what he's doing.

    Also made my own journal.

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  • Courtyard

    I am starting this new series called Freak Analysis in which I will analyze deleted Freaks from the main wiki and some concept Freaks whether they're found on DeviantArt or elsewhere,

    Today I'll be reviewing Bonk Pancakes, one of the worst TF2 Freaks and Painis Cupcake ripoffs out there.

    Currently W.I.P.

    Bonk Pancakes is a Gmod Monster created by MrGameAnalyst.

    Bonk Pancakes has the appearance of a RED Beta Scout with smiley faces drawn on the front and back of his shirt. He'll often state his name before he screeches and decapitates his victim(s). He usually won't attack someone unless he feels threatened (or if the victim is on BLU). His mind is completely devastated, with little to no memories of his past; he does, however, see mental image…

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  • Jillian189

    Some Driller Poop Guy

    February 4, 2016 by Jillian189

    I was on the old TF2 Freak Concept Wikia just recently and HOLY SHIT! It seems ToxicHolyGrenade is back, under a new wikia identity after he got permabanned by the wikia staff, probably with a brand new, Australium-plated IP address me thinks. His new name is DrillerDXR. He made a comment on the Neo article over there basically saying "Blah blah the THG fight is over now please stop turning my articles into silly jokes! OR ELSE!" With the same bold punctuation, poor grammar, and childlike accusations again.

    BurgerBoi, if you read this, DrillerDXR- I mean, ToxicHolyGrenade is basically calling you an ass coward who is too scared to admit to the wikia staff that you should be in trouble with the wikia for vandalism, not him.

    I was really expecting…

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  • MrShyguy999

    Okay, so I was away for a while, to do some thing's, and I come back to the wikia to see people vandilizing their own article's......

    Like, what the hell is going on? I mean, I guess somebody is trolling then? Maybe? I mean, theres gotta be an explanation for this mess thats going on. I saw some, unique freak's (well, not EVERYONE think's their unique....) and then, soon, the fire nation attacked, and I guess it ruined their confidence in freak making, making them vandalize their own article's....

    Just.... wow..... What is going on....

    What scares me the most is the fact that most of these start with someone saying something negative, and not trying to help fix the article, which then make's the concept creator be like "Welp, this is doomed."…

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  • Jillian189

    So apparently the conflict with ToxicHolyGrenade is still going. Before we talk about that, I'd like to talk about my personal experiences and feelings regarding this wiki kerfuffle.

    I remember the days when ToxicHolyGrenade was still "Soldine1000", a simple editor over at the official TF2 Freakshow Wiki. He made mistakes, such as edit spamming, but he was well-intentioned. I believed that despite his flaws, THG was ultimately a good person who only wanted to help. On occasion, I still remember that guy.

    Around that time, I was a newbie TF2 Freakshow editor who was busy fixing up the articles on the website (most of them were either stubs or poorly written). As a result, I kept myself disconnected from the inner workings of the wiki. I did h…

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  • BurgerBoi


    January 9, 2016 by BurgerBoi

    GG, Hellman. GG.

    So, browsing around, trying to see if THG or Hellman (edgy, right?) made any rants about me. but THIS...

    This is even better.

    Gotta up your game, Toxic! Your own friend is beating you in idiocy! This is something that gave me a good laugh, you know? I can't even right now!

    EDIT: Well, Devad and I don't have any beef anymore, so that's all good.

    However, THG finally made a rant about Courtyard, Spider-Mad and yours truly. Here's a link to it . I think this may be the best day of my life.

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  • BurgerBoi

    "Holy f*ck"

    January 6, 2016 by BurgerBoi

    "Holy fuck", indeed, Courtyard.

    As of now, THG got Kugawattan blocked from the wiki servers.

    I know Kugawattan didn't seem to like me very much, but it seems as though THG is taking this too far. Hell, I think Kugawattan dropped out of this war, why did he target him?

    Ladies, gentlemen. We are dealing with a more-than-Grade A fuckwit.

    On the bright side, it seems as though the block is only for a week (hopefully, for his sake).

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  • Courtyard

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2016 by Courtyard

    Happy New Year guys! 2016! Wooh!

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  • Courtyard

    It seems BurgerLord has been blocked on every wiki imagined. This is seriously bad news. Who could have done this? Where is Saris when you need? 

    Anyway, ToxicHolyGrenade has also been blocked on every wiki as possible so that means we have defeated him but not his followers and friends.

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  • BurgerLord That Random Person

    So...anyone wanna start a tennis?

    Could be anyone on this wiki and it could be about anything at all.

    I'm just so BORED, so,yeah if any of y'all are up for a gmod tennis just tell me.

    This is also probably the shortest blog on this wiki.

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  • Jillian189

    So this afternoon I discovered that ToxicHolyGrenade put me on his "People to Blame for THG's Problems" list (see here), calling me out on my "overprotective nature" involving having my Freaks edited by others. He even said this:

    "Every single wiki and articles requires cooperation to keep everything in a straight line and to function in a better way."

    Well, I call bullshit. I do act overprotective, but it's for a reason. Generally I'm fine with people editing my Freaks, but only if said edits improve the quality of said Freaks. What I'm NOT okay with is having my Freaks look like they've been barfed on. ToxicHolyGrenade is fucking delusional and seems completely convinced he's doing me (and everyone else) a huge favor. Now answer this, Toxi…

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  • Saris Khan

    How to Make a Freak?

    October 17, 2015 by Saris Khan

    The purpose of this wiki is to allow TF2 Freak enthusiasts to safely work on their concept characters. With active admins and a set of reasonable rules the place is secure and well-organised.

    However, we should all strive to make this community better than the previous one. This extends to normal users and the concepts they develop.

    ' Freaks are a peculiar type of fictional characters. They are abnormal, quirky, unique yet uncomplicated. They boast special abilities and distinct personalities. And while some of them might be fairly serious, they all share an inherent degree of zaniness no matter their moral alignment and goals.

    There are issues with many concepts present on this wiki. Some are carbon copies of existing characters, some are bla…

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