Blink is a Red scout concept created by wiki user Dr.mysterio

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Creator Dr.mysterio
Creation 11/2/18
Type freak
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Attitude Laid back,Witty
Fighting style Close to mid range
Abilities Superhuman speed and stamina

Adept martial artist

Weaknesses Frail defense
Status Up and running
Occupation Various
Allies Stryder(sometimes)

His battle theme:Half life 2 dark energy

His main theme:Half life:Drums and Riffs


Blink shows to be a Red scout who dons the scout pilgrim (excluding the hair).

Personality and behavior

Unlike the majority of scouts blink is usually very easy going to those who are neutral or friendly towards him, in his spare time he enjoys going around pranking,stealing from others,fighting freaks,forming alliances, or just doing anything in general that he finds entertaining.

while in combat he likes to make fun of his opponents often teasing them to either infuriate or demoralize them (although sometimes this has little to no effect on those with a strong will or flatout just ignoring his insults).

Powers and abilities

True to his name blink is physically pushed far beyond the human limit allowing him to move,and react, faster than regular mercs and even mid rank freaks with little effort. blink is also an expert at taekwondo and hapkido combined with his speed he can bombard his opponents with a flurry of kicks,takedowns and punches.

Faults and weaknesses

  • Despite his abilities his defense is lacking so a hit from a powerful monster can kill him if he's not careful.
  • Freaks with special abilities are very useful against him.
  • Monsters who have an extreme amount of durability can easily withstand his blows.
  • Due to his tauntful behavior this can lead him into underestimating his opponents.
  • despite his ludicrous movement speed he's not particulary clever
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