Creator MrShyGuy999
Creation 12/5/2015
Type Bird/Human Hybrid
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Selfish
Cheerful (when undercover)
Abilities Flight
Unlimited Arsenal
Weaknesses Weak
Status Alive
Occupation Prankster
Enemies Bad Luck Tom

Bird-Man is a BLU Heavy TF2 Freak made by YouTuber MrShyGuy999.

Appearence and Personality

Bird-Man "wears" a Chicken Kiev, a Red Army Robin,  and the Apparatchik Apparel. Sometimes, he wears a

Bird-Man's Alternate Appearance.

Officers Ushanka and a Commisar's coat, and of course, a Red Army Robin.

Bird-Man, despite his adorable appearance, is a selfish prankster. He usually acts innocent, but when someone's back is turned, he sets up a prank for that person, then when they get pranked, he blames it on someone else. He usually likes to target another freak, Bad Luck Tom, because of his bad luck, he's the perfect victim.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bird-Man, being part bird, can fly.
  • Bird-Man has an almost unlimited arsenal on items to use to prank his victims.
  • Bird-Man can use his adorableness to trick people into doing things.


  • Bird-Man almost has no way of combat, since his only skill are his pranks.
  • If Bird-Man pranks someone and they find out its him, the only thing he can do is run away in fear.
  • Bird-Man, being a bird, is weak in durability and strength, so if he does attack, it barely does any damage.


  • The name "Bird-Man" might be changed in the future.
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