Beret Terrorist
Beret Terrorist
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/02/2018
Type Immoral human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Dimwit


Fighting style Short-to-mid range
Abilities Poor AK47
Weaknesses Everything
Status Repeatedly dying
Occupation Rapist Criminal
Subordinates Beret Military Organization
Allies Regalia Tsar
Enemies Fez Corsair

Dr. Cipher

Field Officer

Beret Terrorist is a GRN Soldier freak made by TeslaTitanicX. He has a silly and ridiculous theme He is the main antagonist in Quest of Fez and Fez-Beret War


A BLU Soldier painted his beret in black and started to possessed a silly thing he watched from the internet. After watched many many times, he use the memes to win over RED Team. However, he wanted his organization only for soldier class. His first appearance in Fez's Castle in Cp_DeGroot, he want to do the same thing as he did to RED Team, but getting easily beaten up by Fez Corsair's kebabcharge form. In every places, he kidnapped all Equestrian schoolgirls to molest them. The schoolgirls were saved by Fez Corsair and his armies. He was sent to jail with some of his men.

Appearances and behaviour

Beret Terrorist appeared wearing a black beret, a medal, commando pants and a pair of tanker boots. He spend his life with his men finding schoolgirls and rape them. He also do a silly things that angers Fez Corsair and his army and getting himself killed.

Powers and weaknesses

He is armed with AK47 to challenge other freaks. However, he is one of the most weakest TF2 Freak due to his stupidity and morality that can be overwhelmed by his opponents.



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