Beret Military Organization
BMO logo
Military Organization
Headquarters Somewhere hellhole
Leader(s) Beret Terrorist
Senior Member(s) Jebeny Bog

Beret Soldiers

Affiliation Terrorists
Purpose Silly thing
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Active Personnel Beret Terrorist

Beret Soldiers

Reserve Personnel Some Beret Soldiers
Branches Beret Soldiers

Beret Military Organization is a group of GRN Soldiers who possessed by a dirty stuff for idiotic people. They were created by TeslaTitanicX.


They were emerged after Beret Terrorist have his mind corrupted by an idiot master from the internet. He began possessed other Soldiers to become GRN team by following his examples of beating opponents in every map.

Appearances and behavior:

Most of GRN Soldiers only wear both black-painted berets and GRN Camo pants. They were once behave well in their own teams until Beret Terrorist came to possessed them with a silly thing. After that, all the Soldier-classed mercenaries began to follow his example and become one of the member. Once they were in the group, they began smuggling, torturing,wasting time on doing idiotic stuffs and even molesting on schoolgirls. Some berets aren't TF2 Characters, they are appeared with individuals who wears any black berets.

The idiot man

Novislav Djajic(also known as "The Idiot Man")

Powers and weaknesses:

Somewhat, they were all armed with AK47 and mostly poor-armed groups and lack of train. They were one of the weakest organization to ever existed. They can be killed by any freaks or even regular mercenaries.


  • The creator understand the concept of this crap meme since the term "removing" in the meme has been associated to "ethnic cleansing". Many innocent people died and thus the meme was born.
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