Creator n8five484
Creation October 27, 2015
Debut Pending
Type Android
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Anger
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Smoke Conversion
Weaknesses Working on
Status Active
Occupation To kill innocent good freaks
Allies Evil Freaks
Enemies Good Freaks

Basro is an ORG Engineer TF2 Freak. Created in-universe accidentally by Dr. Exmernel in Gorge to be Dr. Exmernel's bodyguard, he roams the TF2 Freak universe killing good innocent freaks, while letting the evil freaks live.

He was created by YouTube user n8five484.


Basro appears as an Engineer wearing the Cop Caller, Supported Spurs, Tech Noir and the Texas Tin-Gallon. He wields a weapon, the Jupiter even though he mostly uses magic to attack his enemies.


One day the inventor freak, Dr. Exmernel decided to create a robot to protect himself after being attacked by Vagineer. He used DNA from an old long dead Engineer, but what he didn't realize is that the dead Engineer was infected with the Vagineer virus, but already died before the Vagineer virus could affect him. He also added a dead Heavy's DNA because he knew Heavys were strong and tough, strong and tough enough to protect Dr. Exmernel. Soon Dr. Exmernel put the two DNA together in another healthy Engineer body. After that, Dr. Exmernel pulled down the switch to power up the soon-to-be evil freak, but then suddenly all hell went loose. The wires exploded leaving Dr. Exmernel injured. The last thing Dr. Exmernel saw was the Freak rising and glowing.

Powers and Abilities

All freaks have abilities and powers that make them special which is why Basro has incredible abilities and powers. His first power is the ability to convert smoke into energy by inhailing it, which makes him grow stronger. The smoke is unable to kill or make him cough.

Faults and Weaknesses


  • The original article was created on the now defunct Garry's Mod Fanon Wiki as a joke on carbon copies.
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