Creator Blasteroid
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Good
Fighting style Smashing his foes with gears and ramming them in his car form
Abilities Electric Infusion(With his gears)
Race Car Physiology
Gear Mainpulation
Car Transformation
Weaknesses Explosions
Too much damage is his car form can cause him to revert back weakened
Coming in contact with water while using his powers can cause him to harm himself
Status Alive
Occupation Mechanic and vehicle manager of Fortress Legion
Fortress Legion Squad-G member
Superiors Armadon
Fortress Legion Council
Subordinates Kobi-Yoro
Any Fortress Legion Squads

Axelrod is a YLW Scout TF2 Freak made by Blasteroid.



Axelrod wears all the items in the Top Gun cosmetic set in the Workshop.

Personality and Behavior

Axelrod is always a guy who loves nothing more but challenges. He always considers any kind of event(s) to be simply a race, calling fighting as a fun thing to do. Which is something he does not take seriously like his fellow member Daniel (A.K.A Wraith). When he is focused on those kind of "races", he always tries his best to win it all or lose everything, this makes the other squads and Wraith a little disappointed because of his actions. But whenever Axelrod does something, he learns from his mistakes and learns how to fix them in a great way, such as how he fights, he always is the guy who sits behind the wheels ready to take on a race of action.

Powers and Abilities

Axelrod as a Freak has the power to infuse electrical energy into his gears, which originally were parts of various machines. He can ultilize them as throwable melee weapons that he can use. He also is able to mainpulate them and send them flying in any direction to his enemies, and can make them fly back to his hands or float around him to block incoming bullets.

Axelrod in his normal form, has the physiology of that of a car, which grants him enhanced speed and makes his tackles more powerful. It's powerful enough to take down a normal Freak or stun mid-ranked Freaks with just one blow.

He can also transform himself into his car form, which turns him into a sentient car that can be automatically driven and controlled by his consciousness. He uses the form to chain his attack but also uses it to help his fellow teamates, allies or himself escape situations or enemies that are hard to to deal with.

  • Axelrod's Car Form
  • Axelrod's Car Transformation Stage
  • Gear Mainpulation/Electric Infusion

Faults and Weaknesses

Axelrod in both his normal form and car form is very vulnerable to explosions. The car form is also connected to his normal body, which can receive any kind of damage the car took onto his body, and can cause him to revert back into his normal form while he is injured and forced to either try to run and crawl away to safety. His electric infusion ablity if it comes in contact with any kind of liquid substances or normal water, it can cause him to short circuit and harm himself in the progress.

Fortress Legion Profile

Axelrod[[File:{{{File Name}}}|{{{File Position}}}|{{{Size Number}}}px]]

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Real Name: Ethan Morales

Aliases: The Lightning Gear

Occupation: Mechanic and
Fortress Legion's Vehicle
Legion Squad-G Member

Powers: Race Car
Physiology/Car Transformation/
Electric Infusion/Gear



  • His car form is concidentally similar to one of the Autobots from the Transformers movies, Bumblebee, which his vehicle form or mode in the films is also a yellow Chevrolet Camaro.
  • His ability to transform into a vehicle is also the Autobots's common ability to turn themselves from their normal robot mode into their own respective vehicle mode.

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