Creator GmodViolet
Creation 27 July 2020
Type Fusion
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Erratic
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Abilities of Painis Vagicake, Scombine, Pyre, Spiritual Demoman, Spencer Pootis, Dr. Oktoberfest and Gentlespy
Power Opposition
Status Alive
Occupation Unstable Menace
Superiors The Administrator (Formerly)
Doc Jarate (Formerly)
Allies Mercenaries (Formerly)
Enemies Freaks

Atrocity is a grotesque beta-style RED Soldier TF2 Monster created by GmodViolet.

His regular theme is Malroth, The True Evil from Dragon Quest II and his battle theme is Atrocity Boss Fight from Spider-Man: Edge of Time.


Atrocity appears as deformed beta-style RED Soldier with metallic tentacles sprouting from a Medic backpack attached to his back. He wears the Deus Specs, the Tail From the Crypt, a Horrific Headsplitter, Scombine headset and a beta-style version of the Fancy Fedora.

He has a Dalokohs Bar strapped to his abdominal region just like Spencer Pootis, messed up fingers and two pair of legs. One often being in a Yoga lotus position similarly to Spiritual Demoman and the other pair being in the same position as Weaselcake legs.


Atrocity was conceived as the ultimate weapon against TF2 Freaks by Doc Jarate and the Administrator. After being hired by the Admin, the Doc was given access to labs, resources and mercenaries for being able to execute the plan the Admin had in mind.

After successfuly recovering the remaining dismembered limbs of Painis Vagicake and Scombine and collecting genes from Pyre, Spiritual Demoman, Spencer Pootis, Dr. Oktoberfest and Gentlespy, Doc Jarate began to work on the soon to be called: Atrocity.

After a month full of difficulties and with a lot of hard work, Atrocity was successfully created and ready to deploy. But after a few missions, Atrocity began to gain personality shifts similarly to Painis Vagicake due to fragmented, mixed memories he has partially inherited from him and the other freaks genes composing him before becoming out of control.

Now on the loose, the unstable and powerful monster wreaks havoc and brings death throughout his path.

Personality and Behaviour

In a similar manner to his derivative amalgamation, Atrocity is erratic and unreliable due to his ever-shifting personality swings. Much like one of his genetic templates, Painis Vagicake, Atrocity is also considered a feared demigod of the TF2 Freaks themselves, but to an even higher threshold.

He may possess most of Painis Vagicake's personality patterns, but unlike him, he never lets up chasing down his victims and opponents until he himself was defeated, or if he inevitably loses track of them.

If he were to at any point encounter evil, neutral, or good monsters, Atrocity may join them briefly. But because of his bipolar and erratic mood swings, Atrocity will soon enought betray them, thus making impossible for him to form any lasting relationships and also making him despised, feared and untrustworthy to all of the three aforementioned sides.

While its also quite apparent to Painis Vagicake, the genes that makes him up consists of one good TF2 Freak and mostly of neutral ones. But the ones that dominate over those numbers are the malevolent genes. This alone is the very sole reason to why he himself is downright genocidal and evil, if much worse than Vagicake.

Lastly, it is notable that Atrocity is attracted by actual food. If he sees a target holding some, he will just grab and eats it, surprisingly ignoring the target in every case except if being attacked afterwards. That certain behavior is due to the genes of Spencer Pootis.

Powers and Abilities

Like Painis Vagicake, Atrocity has a frightening array of powers he shares with the genetic templates that composites him. But as opposed to the former, he has far more abilities which includes:

  • Scombine built-in arsenal and proximity sensors.
  • Painis Cupcake superhuman strength, durability, flexible body, self-übercharge and his shovel spit.
  • Pyre pyrokinesis, increased durability and his large wings.
  • Spiritual Demoman levitation, demortalization and telekinesis.
  • Spencer Pootis inhuman strength, weapons and melee combat skills.
  • Vagineer inhuman strength, enhanced durability, limb detachment and regeneration.
  • Dr. Oktoberfest loud scream, Lazor and bottle spawning.
  • Weaselcake teleportation, enhanced durability, prehensile tongue and colour-coded powers.
  • Gentlespy exceptional aim, knife skills and cloaking watches.
  • A stronger version of Painis Vagicake overload.

Despite having Painis Vagicake's fused DNA, he doesn't posses his power imitation ability. Instead, Atrocity has one power proper to himself:

  • Power Opposition: This power allows Atrocity to obtain counteractive abilities to counter whatever powers or abilities a oppenent would possibly have at their disposal. As long as he experiences or safely observes a oppenent abilities, he can obtain only one counteractive power against him/her. For example, if a opponent has pyrokinesis, Atrocity can obtain hydrokinesis to counteract it for a short time.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Atrocity lowers his guard and become vulnerable to attacks when eating food. He also ignores others in that state, thus allowing someone to escape him or plan something out.
  • He can't use any of Spiritual Demoman abilities if his frontal pair of legs aren't in a Yoga lotus position. This same pair is highly less strong and durable than any other part of his body.
  • Atrocity can't use any of Weaselcake powers when being pinned on the ground.
  • If Atrocity gets hit by a electromagnetic pulse attack, he will be unable to use any of Scombine abilities for a certain time. The same thing applies to his demonic powers if he gets hits by a angelic attack.
  • Due to his ever-shifting personality swings, Atrocity might become tranquil at certain points during fights which can result in oppenings for his oppenents. Alternatively, Atrocity can become so violent and savage to the point of being impulsive and sensible to fall into traps and ambushes.
  • While his power opposition ability seems formidable, it has some limitations:
  1. Atrocity can't obtain a counter power if he doesn't see and observe his opponent.
  2. A counter power last only for 10 seconds.
  3. Atrocity can't obtain a conter power of a ability that doesn't have a opposite or a counteractive ability.
  4. Atrocity is limited to one conter power at the same time.


  • Atrocity is the TF2 Freak who has the most categories in existence with 21 categories. Second being Grinder with 15 followed by Nightmare Medic with 14 categories.
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