Creator Xho
Creation 2014
Type Supernatural Entity
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Determined, ruthless
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities God-like power
Status Alive
Occupation Supernatural Being
Subordinates Penance
Enemies Archdemon
Pavor Nocturnus

The Archangel is a BLU Medic Concept created by Xho, and is part of the Pavor Nocturnus continuity. He is the Pavor Nocturnus counterpart of Erzengel.


Heaven and Hell exists within the Pavor Nocturnus world, though in the form of separate dimensions that are the extremities of existence and many other dimensions exist between them. Whereas the Archdemon comes from a hellish dimension, the Archangel is his antithesis. Having watched over the mortal world for years beyond count, the activities of the Archdemon within the mortal world - the imbalance of power - had also forced the Archangel to play his hand. Descending to the mortal world in the form of an exorcist, the Archangel and his subordinate Penance have wandered through the dystopia that Pavor Nocturnus created, finding traces of where the Archdemon will attack next.

Personality and Behaviour

Effectively an alien to the world, the Archangel is a being driven by his code to stamp out interdimensional imbalances, and has no hesitation nor bears mercy to those who threaten it. Within his exorcist guise, Archangel is a veritably bad tempered individual, though his intentions remain somewhat benevolent in his efforts to protect the mortal world from 'foreign' intervention.

Powers and Abilities

Archangel's power is essentially without limit. Within the mortal world, Archangel's power overcomes that of Archdemon's due to the latter's weakened state, though in most cases, Archangel intentionally holds back his powers to prevent being detected as a threat by either Interesting Spy or Pavor Nocturnus. Within his disguise, Archangel still retains his spiritual powers - he is able to detect demonic threats as if it were a sixth sense, though tends to keep up the appearances of being mostly human.

In his full form, Archangel's power manifests as lightning, and can conjure an endless degree of power from it to reduce any target to ashes. To compliment his power, Archangel is capable of moving at incredible speeds, faster than the human eye can register. He is occasionally equipped with a glowing katana-like blade that he uses to repel attacks from demonic forces.

Faults and Weaknesses

As a being that polarises Archdemon in function, Archangel is essentially a 'perfect being', and therefore has no weakness. Though this may be the case, Archangel is still equalled in power by Archdemon and an innumerable amount of other interdimensional entities, and is thought to be wary of both Eidolon and the Apparition who are also present in the world.

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