Creator ShadowSoldierOmega
Creation 10/29/15
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Helpful
Fighting style Mid- to Long-range
Abilities Enhanced Durability
Increased Intelligence
Robotic Regeneration
Power Fist
Cyber Shotgun
Blocking Powers
Weaknesses Electricity/EMP Attacks
Eye/Limb Damage
Status Alive
Occupation Superhero
Allies Piss Jarete
Enemies RED Vagineer
Bad Guys

Arbos is a BLU Engineer TF2 Freak conceptualized by YouTube user ShadowSoldierOmega.

His theme song is Toby Fox - Megalovania (Undertale Soundtrack).


Arbos was an normal Engineer like all others until he was old enough to make a power armor.

One day, a catastrophe happened to the BLU base. The explosion of a nuclear reactor caused him to lose his hand and his foot, crippling him. He was trying to escape the BLU base and didn't have much time to get out. When reaching the armory, he put his power armor on and managed to escape the horrifying disaster. After that, his power armor was permanently unable to be removed. But it improved his crippling and became a cyborg after that day.

Now, Arbos is currently saving lives, making new allies and fighting against the forces of evil.

Personality and Behavior

Arbos is mostly a benevolent engineer, he helps any defenceless victim and fights battles towards bad guys such as robbers. He also dislikes people who are foul-mouthed and rude, thus giving them a fitting punishment.

Enhanced Durability: He takes less damage from any source of damage.

Increased Intelligence: His IQ is higher than a regular Engineer.

Robotic Regeneration: His mechanic limbs regenerate slowly after getting damaged.

Power Fist: A strong melee strike which can be useful against powerful monsters.

Cyber Shotgun: He uses a modified "Widowmaker" which fires quickly and deals more damage than it's normal counterpart.

Hacking: Arbos is able to hack any device with his "Gunslinger" arm.

Blocking Powers: He's able to use an electromagnetic shield to block projectiles like rockets and bullets.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • If Arbos gets shot in the eye, he gets temporarily blind and vulnerable to other freaks.
  • His Power Fist can only regenerate for thirty minutes after it's use.
  • Arbos' durability can be badly affected with electricity and EMP.
  • If his lower limbs take too much damage, he will not be able to move and become a easy target to his enemies.


  • Arbos himself was also a joke for a Melee-only Engineer in a Mann Vs Machine server.
  • Arbos means tree in latin. Though he's not a elemental freak, but rather a cyborg.


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