Anonymous/The Hacker
Arena watchtower0001
Anonymous, looking at information about the grenade launcher
Creator AdmikStudio
Creation October 10th, 2017
Debut None
Type Professional Hacker, Enhanced Human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Serious
Fighting style Medium Ranged
Abilities Information Display, Hack, Revive, Teleport, Aimbot
Weaknesses Destroyed/Taken Keyboard, Surprise attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Hacker
Superiors None
Subordinates None
Allies Jam Spy
Enemies Scycho

"Heh, easy target."

Anonymous, hacking... well.. something.

Anonymous is a GRN scout TF2 Freak created by AdmikStudio.

His theme is Hacked

Personality and Behavior

Anonymous, also known as "The Hacker" takes what he does very seriously, even though he might do something silly every now and then. He doesn't care for others, or rules. He only defends who he wants to, and attacks who he wants to. What he sometimes does is "troll" people by hacking their stuff or them. He doesn't do this very often though. He can be very powerful, and is not to be underestimated.

Powers and Abilites

Hacking keyboard

His basic, and most used power is his keyboard, which he can make appear and disappear anytime. He usually types something on it, and hacks something. The keyboard has some sort of hologram effect on it.

Information Display

Anonymous can use his keyboard to bring up information on almost anything and anyone, including weapons, abilites, blueprints, people, etc.


Ahh, yes. Hacking. Anonymous can hack almost anything that uses some sort of electricity, including gadgets like spy's watch, cyborgs, robots, etc.


Anonymous can teleport himself and others using the keyboard. However, he can teleport only allies, and can teleport himself or them only 500 meters from where he/they are standing.


Anonymous can revive dead allies. However, the injuries that were done before (excluding the one that killed the person) will remain.


And finally, his most powerful ability, is Aimbot. He can use this once per 5 hours, and it lasts 30 seconds. What it does is automate his aim, and makes it 100% accurate.

Anonymous ability

Anonymous ability

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Without his keyboard, he is completely powerless. If someone manages to destroy his keyboard, or steal it, he is pretty much done.
  • Surprise attacks work the best on him, he usually never suspects a thing.
  • Even though powerful, he is still only a bit stronger than a scout.
  • If other hackers manage to steal his keyboard, they can use it against him.

Info about videos

I plan to make videos on this guy in the future, also more Jam Spy, and maaaaybe Scycho.

You're free to use this guy in your videos :3 Just let me know :3 Add a Video

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