Android Scouts
Android Scouts
Creator Peep66
Creation March 6, 2017
Debut Pending
Type Robot warriors
Alignment Natural Evil
Attitude Idiotic
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Muiti-weaponry usage
Trap making
seer numbers
Weaknesses Stupidity
Status Active
Occupation Dr.Pootis Bomb's guards
Casino co-owners
Superiors Dr.Pootis Bomb
Subordinates None
Allies Super "Bad" Soldier
Enemies their targets

Android Scouts are created by Dr.Pootis Bomb to take over

Appearance and Personality

Android Scouts are all wearing the Lo-Fi Longwave while the unique Android Scouts wear the Frontline Field Recorder.

they have their own personal "business" which Dr.Pootis Bomb hates about sometimes and they love making traps which usually backfires

Power and Abilities

  • Android Scouts uses standard Scout weaponry and seer numbers to take on their targets.
  • They all have a Self-tackle attack they charge at their targets to beat them down
  • Some Android Scouts all one of special power to use in battles
  • They like to use other class weapons like Soldier and Demoman
  • They're good at making over planed traps

Faults and Weakness

  • They're not very intelligent and can be killed or fooled with extreme ease.
  • Travel in groups and can be kill we explosive.
  • Their own plans to capture people which usually backfires
  • They're very easily to hack into which they either fight each other or don't do their jobs at all


  • Android Scouts are inspired by stupid enemies in games like Banjo Kanzooie, Donkey Kong 64 and Mario
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