Creator St Scotty
Creation 7th May 2018
Type Undead Demonic Minotaur
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Apathy, ruthless, very aggressive
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Undead Bovine Physiology

Skin Hardening

Size Enhancement

Iron Mimicry (through his left arm)

Dragon Mace

Weaknesses Slow movement

Slow reaction

Can be obliterated by advance power up users

Status Undead
Occupation Executioner for Cult of Undead
Superiors Cosmo Thanatos (Lord)

GateMaster (General)

Allies Cult of Undead
Enemies Anyone get in his way

Amon is a TF2 Red zombified Heavy with horns roam around execute anyone given by his superior. He was created by YouTube user: St Scotty.

His theme song is Dark Souls OST - Taurus Demon.


Not much known for his origin but what normal mercenaries know him through the tale of heavy with horns. Due to his horns, he was outcast as most of mercenaries make fun of him. Until he was encounter by Cosmo Thanatos, whom found a full potential within his rage. So he bestows his power, turning him into undead demon. With new found power, heavy get his revenge by killing entire RED and BLU team. From there on, RED heavy was no more as he's now an executioner, Amon, the Undead Minotaur.


Heavy is a zombie with Brimstone and Purity Fist wears  Mad Mask combine with Deus Specs and Bone-Cut Belt

Personality & Behaviours

Amon usually quiet and silent type of heavy as he prefers to scare someone before getting in close combat. In contrast, he's completely ruthless and very aggressive fighter, prefer overpowering his opponents with brute strength over intellect.

Powers & Abilities

Amon wields Heirloom hammer known as Dragon Mace, a rare weapon that only demon can wield it. Under his combat, he usually ready with iron mimicry through his left arm or skin hardening, making him durable against bullets and explosive. His power included:

  • Undead Bovine Physiology
    • Semi-Immortal - Amon is most likely older than regular humans.
    • Fear Inducement - Amon usually scare and intimidate his foe before he can get in close aggressively.
    • Supernatural Condition - Amon is physically stronger than average human in every way. This include strength, durability, endurance, stamina and agility.
    • Horn Protrusion - Very tough horn usually charge attack towards his opponents.
    • Contaiment and disease Immunity - He is immune to both contaiment and disease due to the fact he's undead.
  • Skin Hardening - Amon can trigger his killstreak eye via Incinerator and Team Shine (Red). This allow him temporary invulnerable against both bladed weapon and elemental powers.
  • Size Enhancement - Amon can trigger another killstreak eye via Flames and Deadly Daffodil. This allow him to increase his size for his full potential. However he can only go up to 9 feet tall.

Faults & Weakness

Despite his brute strength prowess, Amon is somewhat slower than any monsters including heavies. Being undead, Amon's nerve's system is weaken, causing him react very slow against quick thinking opponent. Besides that, he can be obliterated by advance power up users. This included self-ubercharge, rage mode and super mode.


  • Amon's physical type as creature is based on Greek Mythology Minotaur.
  • Amon is named after an actual demon, Aamon.
  • Amon will be introduced in New Era Emerges as villains.
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