Creator Pow
Creation 6/2/16
Debut To Be Released
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Reckless
Fighting style Adapting
Abilities Enhanced durability
Peak human fitness
Powerful revolver
Weaknesses Recklessness
Status Alive
Allies Bravo
The Alloy
Enemies Black Star and his army

Alpha is a BLU Scout TF2 Freak made by Pow.

His theme is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive main menu theme.


Alpha used to be a normal civilian until his district was annexed by Black Star. Like the rest of the population he was taken to Black Star's secret base to be converted to a Pulsar. However, the transformation process failed and Alpha, in his Overdrive form, burst out of the transformation machine and killed the Quasar guarding it. Black himself had gone down to the lower levels of the base, so he confronted Excelsior and Infiltrator. After a brief battle he knocked out Excelsior, but Infiltrator escaped him, reached Black and told him of the new threat. To avert this, he prepared his legions and started his all-out invasion.

Escaping Black's base, he encountered the lab of Bravo, who agreed to join him in his efforts to defeat Black Star. Bravo created three robots to assist.


Alpha is a BLU Scout wearing a Breakneck Boiler, a Merc's Pride Scarf and Value of Teamwork-painted suede Digit Divulgers, Cadet Visor and Summer Hat.

Personality and Behaviour

Alpha is extremely reckless and stubborn. Even if it puts his life at risk, he will very rarely change course in his action plans and will try that until the end.

Powers and Abilites

Alpha has a host of abilities, partially from his Freak heritage and partly from the enhancements his partial transformation gave him.

Like the Pulsars, he has increased stamina, speed and agility. What places him above them is his extraordinary durability, being able to withstand explosions.

He also wields a powerful, modified Diamondback. He can cause it to appear and disappear any time he wants. It is much more powerful than a regular Diamondback, being able to eliminate normal mercenaries with a shot to the head. When a headshot is hit, the bullet explodes and can kill anyone nearby, similar to the MvM upgrade.

He also has a powerful Overdrive ability. He gains crit sparks on his body and crit-boosted Fists of Steel. The fists deal massive amounts of damage. His revolver is increased in size and is also crit boosted, allowing for extremely powerful long range attack.

Faults and Weaknesses

Alpha's recklessness in itself is a weakness, as he can often stumble into encounters he cannot win.

Whilst his durability and fitness are above average, they are not of a high grade among Freaks so he can be easily overpowered.


  • He is set to be a protagonist in the Black Dawn series.
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