Alien Agent
Creator Fishcake-sandwich2
Creation September 8, 2018
Debut Pending
Type Alien
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Focused
Fighting style Hand To Hand
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Quick reactions
Powerful Kicks
Mind reader
Weaknesses Average durability
Strong Emotions
Smart opponents
long ranged Freaks
Status Alive
Occupation Assassin
Superiors Unknown
Subordinates His Alien clones

Alien Agent is a PRL Spy created by Fishcake-sandwich2


Alien Agent looks like a normal PRL Spy who wears Greyilen printed with the bitter taste of defeat and lime

Personlity And Behaviour

Alien Agent loves to boost about his Speed and combative skills to his lessers, Usually toying with his opponents before attempting to finally kill them and He’s usually alone to do his job but will not hesitate to call for help of his allies to fight in his aid to out numbe his opponents

He’ll follow orders from his supuriors and willingly do them and will not let anyone stop him even to his dying breath

Abilities and Powers

Alien Agent was trained and enhanced to faster then Most freaks and focused on dodging and delivering quick attacks,He also has quick reactions to his opponents making his dodging skills better and unpredictable to some snipers

He’ll mostly kick at his enemies which usually is enough force to take off their heads or limbs and kicks quickly at the to despatch someone

He’s also a mind reader to see what moves they might make so he can predict and how to take them out or to see a incoming deadly attack so he can leave the fight early on or end it before it happens.

Faults And Weaknesses

His durability is same as a regular spy making him frail against stronger freaks and regular mercenaries if given the chance

His mind reading abilities helps him but it also givens him a disadvantage because if he feels so many emotions like Fear and sadness it makes him second guess everything he had to do or it make him save and spare his opponents leaving him vulnerable to attacks

Smart opponents will see or realize that he’ll usually kick and not punch his opponents and his kicks are very predictable and can be used to their advantage

He has no meaning of long ranged weaponry so anyone with Guns or snipers can try to fight him from a far

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