Al Deutschmarks
Creator BoygeyMario
Creation Late 2016
Type Pimp
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Friendly
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Can use his money as origami weapons
Weaknesses Rather fragile
Status Alive
Occupation Money doner

Al Deutschmarks is a PNK Medic TF2 Freak created by BoygeyMario. He is a HWM Medic wearing a Full Head of Steam, a RED Dr. Whoa, & Summer Shades, while also carrying a red colored Sun-on-a-Stick.

Behavior and Personality

In spite of his somewhat pimp-like appearance, Al Deutschmarks does not have the personality pimps often have. He is actually a very friendly and generous man who always wants to help those in need, particularly with money related issues. Weather they are poor or rich, Al will be there to help by offering deutschmarks.

Powers and Abilities

Al seems to have an endless supply of deutschmarks at his disposal, which he normally uses to help others. However, he does have special ways of dealing with threats must he encounter one.

Al can use his supply of money to create origami weapons (Melee weapons), which can surprisingly do quite some damage, especially blade weapons.

Al also has heightened agility & coordination in battle, giving him more focus on his opponents and their attacks than most normal Medics can.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Al isn't exactly durable compared to ordinary Medics.
  • While his origami weapons are definitely strong offensively, they are still made of paper, and can be destroyed fairly easily, especially with fire.
  • If Al somehow had no deutschmarks on him, he would have no means of combating any threats.
  • Since his origami weapons are restricted to melee weapons, he has no means of long-ranged combat.
  • Origami creations of blunt weapons don't deal nearly as much as his blade weapons.
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