Creator MaggotPain
Creation January 2017
Type Metademon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Cruel, Heartless, Merciless, Ruthless
Abilities Summoning demons, Turning victims into stone with his metahuman scream, Stop time
Weaknesses A stab in his right eye multiple times (depends on the victim)
Status Alive
Occupation Murderer, Hitman
Superiors Dr. Fraudenstein (in-universe creator)
Subordinates None
Allies Christian Brutal Sniper, Vagineer, Snyphurr
Enemies Painis Cupcake, Demopan, Ass Pancakes, Heavydile

Aginal is a BLK Heavy freak, created by YouTuber MaggotPain. His main theme is God of War III OST: Anthem Of The Dead and his battle theme is Doom OST - E1M1 - At Doom's Gate.



Aginal was once a RED Heavy, living his life in 2fort. But one night, while everyone was sleeping, the mysterious Dr. Fraudenstein captures the RED Heavy and takes him to Hydro. There, he gets experimented on his brain, his skin, and his entire body. After a huge amount of metahuman and demon potions are poured onto his skin, he regenerates as a merciless metademon; a hybrid of a metahuman and a demon.

Meeting Christian Brutal Sniper

Coming Soon.

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