Agent Crusader Red
Ag crus
Creator Hell2you
Creation 13 september 2019
Type Superhero
Alignment Chaotic good
Attitude Friendly


Fighting style Short and long range
Abilities Huge strength
Huge durability
Red energy blasts
3 power-ups
(K powerup,Knockout,Ultimate strength)
Weaknesses Low speed(without K powerup)
Huge energy blasts usage
Abilities recharge
He can activate only one of three power-ups
Status Alive
Occupation The leader of Agents of Justice
Superiors Government
Subordinates none
Allies Agent Crusader Black(formerly)
Agent Crusader White
Agent Crusader Blue
Agent Crusader Gray

Agent Crusader Red is a RED Soldier TF2 Freak by Hell2you


Agent Crusader Red is a RED Soldier wearing Bruisers bandana, TF2 Hex: The Crusader, TF2 Hex: SuperMerc! and TF2 Hex - Crocketeer's Cape.


Personality and Behavior

Red is very friendly and fair in a fight also he's brave guy. Red was chosen as a team captain because he conects easily with allies, independent and strong-willed and also a smart tactician.

Powers and Abilities

Huge strength:Red is very strong and he can carry up to 10 tons.

Huge durability:With his durability even armore-breaking bullets can't hurt him.

Energy blasts:Red can create energy blasts with different power levels. Lowest level energy blast is like a bullet and the hugest energy blast can destroy a TF2 map.


K powerup:This ability makes him crit colored (but it's not crits) and gives him huge speed and prediction for 20 minutes.

Knockout:This ability gives him regeneration and makes him unstoppable for 5 minutes but he can't use energy blasts.

Ultimate strength:This ability gives him 100x strength for 1 minute.After this he'll become very weak for 5 days.

Faults and Weaknesses

Low speed(without K powerup).

Huge energy blasts making him weaker so he doesn't use them so often.

He becomes very weak after Utimate strength.

When one power-up is active, Red can't use 2 others.

Like all Agents Crusader he has a recharge timers for his 3 abilities: K powerup - 10 minutes, Knockout - 30 minutes, Ultimate strength - 5 days.

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His 3 powerups


  • Yup, the inspiration was taken from superman.
  • All Crusaders have 3 powerups and I was inspirated by TF2 Mannpower but I changed some effects.
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