— Adnan everytime he sees something valuable that isn't his.

Adnan Nasser or known as "Skullface", is a RED Casual Demoman was created by TeslaTitanicX.

Adnan Nasser A.K.A. Skullface,100):origin()/pre00/1dd5/th/pre/f/2017/259/4/8/pl_badwater0001_by_teslatitanicx-dbnngvb.jpg
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 17/09/2017
Type Pirate
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Sadistic, ungrateful
Fighting style Any Ranges
Abilities Pistol,

Machine Gun, RPG, Dynamite

Status On the Hunt
Occupation Pirate
Subordinates His pirate crew.
Allies Hugo Strago,

Hugo's mercenaries,

Enemies Vladimir Gurlukovich,

Natalia Valentino, Russian S.W.A.T.s


Adnan was born in Mogadishu, Somalia by the time under attacked by Russian mercenaries from Sudan, seeking the stolen goods that stole by pirates. His family were killed during the extermination of piracy by Russians. Now, he exact revenge on the Russians by invading the Russian Trading Port near Aral Sea in Kazakhstan along with his pirate crews and Hugo Strago.

Appearances and behavior

Adnan usually a casual demoman without vest and wears an army pants, also wears a black mask with white skull painted and sometimes he appears with dynamites on his bandolier. He seems to be sadistic after a murder of his family by The Russians.

Powers and abilities

Adnan use certain kinds of terrorists weapons such as AK-47, but mostly he use a Machine Gun. He also carried his secondary pistol to strike the nearer targets. During his fight with armored units, he use RPG to terminate them. He also carries dynamites like grenades to clear out the targets from the distance. Combat knife also being useful when his weapons out of ammunition.

Faults and weaknesses

Due to his weaponry usage, he is weak enough to combat with blade users and also when out of ammo, he never be able to fight unless if he can beat them with his combat knife. The snipers can easily overwhelm him up from a further distance.


  • Adnan sems not a bad guy before the death of his family.
  • He usually looting for revenge on The Russians.
  • He seems to be counterpart of...
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