A3 is a transcendent AI created by Spectral. He was created by YouTube user: St Scotty.

His theme is C&C Generals music - USA Idle Theme 1

Creator St Scotty
Creation 1st June 2018
Type Artificial Intelligence (transcendent)
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Wise, Calm-manner, Knowledgeable
Abilities Cyber Mind

Technology Embodiment

Absolute Access

Knowledge Embodiment

Weaknesses Non-combatant

Stunned by EMP for 10 second (with host)

Can be destroyed if the host is dead

Status Resides in Class O(host)
Occupation Software Infiltrator

Advisor (for host)

Superiors Class O


Allies Saint
Enemies The Physicus



A3 is half-cloaked BLU Spy due to his holographic appearance. However, his outfit is still visible as he's wearing Assassin's Attire and Under Cover.

Personality & Behaviour

Although regular spies are arrogants, but A3 is slightly opposite. A3 is wise, calm-manner AI. He always think before giving suggestion to his host. Although he's currently living on Class O as new host. A3 remains to be calm and shared wisdom towards Aria, in hope for her power to be controlled without letting lose.

Powers & Abilities

Although a non-combatant type, A3 still at his prime in terms of his capabilities as AI. Due to his holographic appearance, A3 is completely untouchable from both physical and astral plane of existence. Due to his ability as AI, he can use many traits for the host.

With Cyber Mind, A3 enable to use some of his abilities for the host, this included:

  • Computer Interaction - A3 can interact with computer easily without having a host to grab on computer.
  • Disembodied Intelligence - A3 is consider to be one of the smartest and know almost all the freaks of existence, include another dimension.
  • Human-Artificial Intelligence Synergy - due to Class O being a cyborg, A3 can communicate with her in complete silence, almost like twin telepathy.
  • Neuro-Psychic Knowledgable - A3 enable to gain acess to the host for good use, such as memorize passcode and store file without any hard drive to install it.

Besides that, he can easily access many cybernetic component, mainly passcode or encrypted file. Due to his status as trancendent AI, A3 is just happen to be the embodiment of both technology and knowledge. This include:

  • Technology Embodiment - allow A3 to hack almost any software and hardware device. He can frame the security camera to replay last week footage and assuming any turrets and turn them against the enemy.
  • Knowledge Embodiment - allow A3 to encrypt and decrypt the most secure code easily. He's also enable to provided any background to host whenever they encounter against.

Faults & Weakness

Although he's slightly powerful, but A3 wasn't design for combat. Instead, A3 was design to provided whenever his power to the host with share skills and wisdom. Despite his status as trancendent Artificial Intelligence, A3 can be stunned by EMP for 10 seconds if the host got affected through it. On top of that, A3 can be killed if the host is dead. In short, if Class O died, so do A3.


  • Alternatively, A3 is actually known for Artifical the Third.
  • A3 serves similar role to Cortana from Halo, whom also provide plans as well.
  • Occasionally, A3 did reveal his true face to other synthetics include cyborgs and android.
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